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These enhancements are already included with your tuition!

Health and Fitness – At Kids ‘R’ Kids, we understand the importance of physical activity in a child’s overall healthy development. That’s why our programs automatically include the Kids ‘R’ Kids Health and Fitness Challenge. Throughout all of our programs and curriculum we love to emphasize healthy bodies, physical fitness, healthy nutrition with the food pyramid, and family-style dining. Children learn the importance of team cooperation, fair play, and overall physical well-being. We are proud to provide programs from Tumble Team, which are very interactive and fun fitness activities provided on-site.

Dance – Our youngest learners dance with fun music and free movement. Whether it is choreographed movements or free interpretation, our classes will be a favorite activity for your child as they learn the value of self-expression. Children love to express themselves and our dance program offers them the chance to perform with music and movement. They develop a better sense of accomplishment in a fun and playful environment. Dance Fun runs a very successful program on-site.

Spanish – We are also proud to offer The Language Factory, a dynamic and interactive foreign-language class provided by Kids ‘R’ Kids. Each lesson is filled with age-appropriate songs, games, projects, dances, projects and other fun activities that help your child advance and become fluent in Spanish conversation.

Groovy Moves Yoga and Dance – Children love our incorporation of the elements of yoga, jazz, hip-hop, and creative movement. These activities help build flexibility, strength, and confidence in a positive and fun environment. Children are able to practice grooving and moving to fun high-energy dance beats.

Fitness and healthy habits lessons are incorporated in each class so our students can grow to be healthy and well-rounded. To see these dynamic programs in action and understand why we are not just another daycare or childcare, contact us for a tour of our state-of-the-art facility.