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Teaching the Importance of a Daily Routine to Your Preschooler

Teaching the importance of a daily routine to your preschooler is a long-term investment that can set your children up for success in daily life, school, and future jobs, as well as their overall mental health and development! It can be difficult even for adults to hold a steady routine, so giving your preschooler the tools at a young age will make both your and their lives easier and more fulfilling. 

Why are routines so important?

They teach discipline, help you reach your goals, and take away the stress of decision-making for tasks that can be done daily. But what does a daily routine look like for a preschooler? That’s something you and your preschooler can talk about and decide together! Beyond daily hygiene and meals, maybe your preschooler wants to spend time every day working on a craft, or practicing a sport or game. In fact, adding fun activities to a routine can stave off boredom and leave room for tasks that can look a little different each day.

To establish a routine, try some of the suggestions below!

Make a chart! Design and create a fun chart with your preschooler so they can “check off” things from their to-do list to feel a sense of accomplishment. Involving them in creating the list will help them take ownership and encourage them to develop discipline. 

Your daily chart could include morning and evening tasks and activities. Brushing and flossing teeth, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and other simple tasks that you already do are great places to start. In the evening you can include bathtime, reading time, and picking up toys. 

Start small! 

Using tasks you already do can keep your preschooler from feeling overwhelmed, and by explaining the importance of a routine, these daily activities can feel more important and exciting. 

Before you know it, you and your preschooler will have a smoother time getting ready for preschool and winding down before bed. Their future selves will thank you! 

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