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Preschooler-Friendly Rainy Day Activities

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Rainy days can be a source of frustration for parents and children alike. But with the right activities, a rainy day can be just as fun as a sunny one! Here are some preschooler-friendly activities to keep your little one entertained on a rainy day:

Turn your house into a playground

What childhood memories are looked back upon more fondly than those of a pillow fort? Get creative and think outside the box while cooped up indoors. You and your preschooler can rearrange some chairs and a blanket to make a simple fort, or get more complex with pillows, cushions, and chip bag clips! Your preschooler will be entertained for hours playing inside their fort. Everything is more fun under the roof of a pillow fort!

Venture outside

A little water never scared a preschooler! Get geared up for a splishy-splashy walk. Your preschooler will enjoy carrying an umbrella and stomping in puddles, so long as they are wearing their rainboots and jacket! Even more fun- float some leaves in the little stream of water heading down the street to the storm drain, or set out cups and check at the end of the day to see how many inches of rain you got! Simple activities like this will make a rainy day fun and memorable for your child. 

Rainy days don’t have to be dull or boring. With these activities, you’re sure to make the most of a rainy day with your preschooler!

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