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Spooky Science Ideas for Preschoolers

Spooky Science Ideas for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Stafford, preschool, daycare, childcare

Halloween can bring about great fun for you and your preschooler. Between the dress-up opportunities and the varieties of candy earned by no effort at all, your preschooler can have a lot of fun each October. If you are looking for something new to try out this year, below are three spooky science ideas to do with your preschooler. 

Pumpkin Explosion (No, it is not as messy and scary as it sounds!)  

Have your preschooler pick out any pumpkin. Pumpkin beauty makes no difference for this experiment! Cut into the pumpkin and take out the pumpkin guts as best as possible. Carving a pumpkin face is optional.

Then, let your preschooler add in at least a cup of baking soda into the pumpkin. By the pumpkin, have a bowl of vinegar available. After your child adds the baking soda, let your preschooler use a liquid dropper (or pipette) to put in as much vinegar as you allow. Watch your preschooler’s fun expressions as your child sees the eruption taking place inside and over the volcano. 

Pumpkin Cutting and Toothpicks

If you prefer to use a pumpkin for other purposes, you can cut out different size chunks of a pumpkin. Grab some toothpicks. You and your child can then engineer “spooky” designs using the pumpkin chunks and toothpicks.

Food Coloring and Plants

Choose to mix up any Halloween-colored food dye for this science activity. Then, have your child add the food coloring, mixed with water, and place into a vase or large drinking glass. Your preschooler can then add in celery stalks or white carnation flowers to the glass or vase. Over the next several days, let your child see how the celery or flowers change colors. (Hint: with the celery, first cut off the bottom of the stalk.) 

Hopefully, you and your preschooler can have some spooky science fun this year!

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