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Making Fall Crafts with Preschoolers

Making Fall Crafts with Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Stafford, preschool, daycare, childcare

There is so much to explore during fall, especially for curious preschoolers!  The activities below are low cost, as your preschooler will be using items found in nature to create their projects.  

Begin the following projects by taking your preschooler on a nature walk.  This walk can be around the neighborhood, at a nearby park, or at a nature center.  Be sure to take a basket or bag along to collect crafting items!  Although you will be collecting items from nature to create these projects, remind your preschooler to respect nature and only take items that have already fallen from trees or plants.  

Leaf People

Assist your preschooler in creating people out of small sticks and leaves.  You can add small seeds or rocks collected on your walk or utilize googly eyes and other small craft items you have around the house to make faces.  Talk about body parts as you create the leaf people.  

Nature Collage

Supply your preschooler with a sheet of clear contact paper.  Allow your preschooler to stick his nature finds to this sticky side of the paper.  Seal off the creation with another sheet of clear sticky paper or simply fold the other half of the sheet of sticky paper over the decorated half.  Use a section of twine to hang the collage from a stick found on your walk and display on the wall.  

Leaf Insects

Your preschooler will love reading books about insects and then creating insects from the leaves, sticks, and seeds she collected on the nature walk.  She can use sticks or seed pods as the body and add leaves for wings or add tiny twigs for legs.  

Paper Plate Faces

Give your preschooler a plain white paper plate (the uncoated type).  Talk with him about his different facial features while he creates a face on the plate using his nature walk finds.  

Paper Plate Wreath

Cut the center out of a plain uncoated paper plate to create a wreath.  Assist your preschooler in arranging the items she found on the nature walk around the wreath and attaching it with glue.  Hang her precious wreath on the front door or in a prominent place in the house to be enjoyed during the fall season!  

Hopefully, these nature themed fall activities will keep your preschooler busy and learning and supply you with some quality time with your little one!  

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