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Self-Improvement Month: Setting Goals with Your Preschooler

self improvement month

September is self-improvement month and the perfect time to introduce your preschooler to goal setting! Starting to set goals with your child early is important because it gives them a sense of responsibility and builds good foundations for their future.

As you begin helping your child come up with goals, split up goals into categories. Character, academic, and physical are our favorite categories, but feel free to add or change as needed to suit your child.

  1. For character, help your child come up with character qualities they want to improve. This could be something like telling the truth, obeying the first time something is asked of them, or being quick to help others. Allow your child to be creative, but you can give input, as well.
  2. For academic goals, allow your child to tell you what they want to learn this year. It could be as simple as learning their address and home phone number or as specific as wanting to learn about dinosaurs. If your child’s preschool is going to help them identify letters this year, add that to the list, too!
  3. Finally, for physical goals, talk through physical actions your child wants to improve on. Tying shoes, buckling their own car seat, and riding a bike are all great goals for this category! You could even include things like sorting laundry or making their bed each morning.

Aim for your child to write two to three goals per category. Once you have the goals written out, put down action items, or ways they will work towards this goal. For instance, if your child’s goal is to ride a bike without training wheels, their action item would be to practice riding their bike three times per week.

Put your goals list somewhere your child will see and encourage them to do their action items, so they will reach their goals. When your child reaches a goal, celebrate with them! These simple steps for goal setting will set your child up for success in the future.

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