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We are enrolling! Join us in nurturing young minds, fostering creativity, and creating a brighter future. We're excited to introduce your child to a world of possibilities! Contact us today for details.

Love of Literature – Kids ‘R’ Kids realizes that if you can teach a child to love reading, all other aspects of learning will come easily.  With that said, our goal is to encourage the love of reading through a new program entitled “Love of Literature”.  Each month we conduct an author study and select books to focus on in class.  In addition, we welcome parents, grandparents and guests to be our special readers.  It is a great joy to see your child’s eyes light up as they learn the love of literature.

Foreign Language – We feel blessed to have such a diverse family representation at Kids ‘R’ Kids. For that reason, we introduce your child to many different languages throughout their years with us.  Kids ‘R’ Kids  offers our students a weekly Spanish lesson provided by a visiting professional who specializes in Spanish. In addition, each classroom has a circle time box filled with teaching aids representing many other languages.  Some examples of these are French, German, Chinese, Shwahili , and some Indian dialects. Teachers introduce the days of the week, counting, basic greetings, colors and more. There’s no better time to learn another language than during the early childhood years.

Sign Language – In an attempt to encourage a broad spectrum of language arts, we are pleased to announce our Sign Language program which develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination skills and inclusion of diversity in communication.   Sign language starts in our infant room with our Baby Sign Language Program and continues throughout the school with the American Standard Sign Language Cards.  With sign language, children who are still learning to speak are able to communicate their desires, eliminating frustration and encouraging fullfilled expression.

Health and Fitness – Ensuring your child’s good health is very important to us.  That is why we make sure we include plenty of time for physical play throughout their instructional day.  Our large playground area gives plenty of space and appropriate playground equipment.  It is a great joy for us to watch as the children run, laugh, and play with friends while developing healthy bodies.  Recent studies show that our society and fast food enable childhood obesity, which has reached epidemic proportions. Kids ‘R’ Kids knows how important physical activity is to any child’s development, and that is why our centers include the Kids ‘R’ Kids Health and Fitness Challenge. This important part of our Curriculum Program provides all the tools for kids of all ages to learn and enjoy how to be healthy. We emphasize healthy bodies, the food pyramid, family style dining, and physical fitness. We stress the importance of fair play, team cooperation, and physical well-being.  We want our families to live healthy and be strong!

Yoga – This is a brand new introductory program we are offering here at Kids ‘R’ Kids.  Flexibility, strength and development of fine and gross motors skills is key to your child’s overall physical and mental health. This makes yoga the perfect tool for interactive learning for your child’s mind, body and heart.  Yoga gives children a lifetime tool for refocusing.  It also builds physical fitness, self confidence, coordination and imagination. We implement our yoga program with all ages including infants.  So reach for the stars…OUR FIVE STAR SCHOOL of EXCELLENCE!

Music – Music is an incredible tool used for brain development. Our music programs expose children to a variety of musical styles, cultures, and techniques, awakening their inner abilities. Children have the opportunity to play instruments, engage in singing exercises, and compose their very own musical masterpieces. Every child has a song in their heart and we can’t wait to hear it!

Computers – Our children are growing up in an ever increasing world of technology.  Our goal is to equip and prepare your child to feel comfortable using computers in order to expand their learning experiences both now and throughout their elementary years and beyond.  In addition to the computers in our pre-kindergarten classrooms, we also offer computer classes on a weekly basis.  Who knows? Perhaps your child will be the next Bill Gates!