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Our Pre-K Childcare Program

Thoughtfully designed to prepare your child for success in Kindergarten and beyond

Available to children beginning at 4 years old at select schools

Our Pre-K program sets your child up for success for Kindergarten and beyond. As your child is preparing for the excitement of starting school, we provide them with a foundation of fun, learning and development that will benefit them for the rest of their lives! The sounds of children laughing and playing are the sounds of children learning at Kids ‘R’ Kids.

Our accredited program ensures that every child receives an accelerated foundation for elementary school.

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  • Language and Literacy Center: Build strong language skills, unlocking a world of communication and expression. 
  • Art Center: Watch creativity flourish as children engage in free-choice art experiences, expressing themselves artistically. 
  • Construction Center: Develop spatial awareness and problem-solving abilities through hands-on stacking, sorting, and building activities. 
  • Dramatic Play Center: Let imaginations soar as children explore individual and group role-playing, building social skills and empathy. 
  • Math Center: Make math exciting and relatable with a variety of materials and strategies for hands-on learning. 
  • Reading Center: Encourage a love for books and independent reading journeys, fostering a lifelong love for reading. 
  • Science/Sensory Center: Ignite scientific curiosity as children experiment and explore materials, nurturing a love for discovery. 
  • Writing Center: Nurture budding writers as they begin letter formation through engaging activities. 
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With mind, body and developmental skills growing at a rapid pace, your child is excited to learn more! Our program is designed to keep up with your child’s boundless need to absorb information and develop new skills. We provide your child with the environment, nutrition, safety, and tools they need to keep their active minds growing and learning.

Knowing your child is safe is crucial to your peace of mind

Safety First

Our clean and secure classrooms include organized learning centers, disinfected toys and play areas, and child-sized sinks for hygienic habits. 

  • Allergy Care: All allergies are diligently documented and kept with administrators, ensuring your child’s well-being. 
  • Nut-Free Zone: Our school is a nut-free zone, promoting a safe and worry-free environment. 
  • Safety Guard on Door Hinges: Little fingers are protected from pinches, ensuring a secure learning environment.
Secure environments provide additional monitoring

State-of-the-art Security

From coded entry systems to extensive background checks and security cameras, your child’s safety is our top priority.

  • Certified Teachers: Our devoted staff are certified in Infant/Child and Adult CPR, and First Aid, ensuring the highest standard of care for your child. 
  • Transparent Learning: Our classrooms feature tempered glass walls, creating a bright and open atmosphere while ensuring safety. 
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Proper nutrition serves as fuel for growing bodies AND minds

Nourishing Young Minds

Nutritious meals prepared in our commercial-grade kitchen exceed USDA guidelines, fueling your child’s growth and focus. 

Daily Activities in our Pre K Childcare Program

Our whole-child approach emphasizes the development of every aspect of rapidly growing Pre-K students, nurturing their brain/cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and behavioral skills while enhancing communication, language, and literacy abilities. 

Experiential learning expands your child’s mind infinitely

Brain & Cognitive Development

Prepare your child for a future of endless possibilities and success: 

  • Understand and describe relationships using quantity and number, applying mathematical concepts in everyday life. 
  • Explore spatial relationships, understanding shapes, and using problem-solving skills with creativity. 
  • Participate in dance, visual arts, voice, and drama, expressing creativity through instruments and objects. 
  • Demonstrate scientific inquiry skills, communicate scientific ideas clearly, and explore the world around them. 
Lasting friendships are formed daily

Social & Emotional Development

Under the guidance of our highly skilled teachers, your child will: 

  • Develop self-awareness and self-expression, fostering confidence and communication skills. 
  • Demonstrate strategies for reasoning and problem-solving, preparing for life’s challenges. 
  • Increase capacity for self-control, building a strong foundation for emotional well-being. 
  • Develop healthy relationships with adults and peers, forming lasting friendships. 
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Playtime develops a healthy attitude towards wellness

Physical Development

By participating in a diverse range of captivating activities both within and beyond the classroom, your preschooler will: 

  • Practice safe and healthy habits, cultivating a healthy lifestyle from an early age. 
  • Explore activities related to nutrition, understanding the importance of wholesome food choices. 
  • Demonstrate gross and fine motor skills, building physical coordination and strength. 
  • Use senses to explore the environment and process information, encouraging curiosity and exploration. 
Engaging activities encourage imaginations to flourish

Behavioral Development

Before progressing to Kindergarten, we will ensure that your child: 

  • Demonstrate initiative and self-direction, fostering a sense of responsibility and independence. 
  • Show interest and curiosity, fueling a hunger for learning and exploration. 
  • Sustain attention to activities and demonstrate persistence, instilling dedication and determination. 
  • Engage in individualized and imaginative play, fostering creativity and self-expression. 
  • Demonstrate a cooperative and flexible approach to play, promoting teamwork and adaptability. 
The art of expression is vital to your child’s development

Communication, Language & Literacy

Upon successfully completing our Pre-K Program, your child will: 

  • Listen and comprehend conversations, building strong communication skills. 
  • Acquire vocabulary from various sources, expanding their language capabilities. 
  • Use nonverbal communication for diverse purposes, enhancing expression and understanding. 
  • Develop early phonological awareness and an understanding of print concepts, laying the foundation for confident reading and writing. 
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Fast Track Curriculum® for Pre-Kindergarten

In preparation for elementary school, our pre-kindergarten children work with original themed modules, designed to be appealing and educational. Our standards-driven curriculum has been approved by the state, so transitioning to kindergarten is a breeze. A great percentage of our pre-K graduates test high above their peers within the first year of elementary education.