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Now Hiring – Teachers!

Job Summary

The teacher plans and implements the daily curriculum for children in the classroom. Curriculum activities are designed to promote each child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. The teacher
directs and coordinates each child’s personal care, hygiene, learning activities, specialized programs, and
positive guidance. Maintenance of the classroom records, developmental checklists, and progress reports
are integral components of the teacher’s curriculum duties. Communicating with parents concerning their
child’s progress, offering parent-teacher conferences, and timely updates is another important aspect of
the teacher’s duties. The teacher should always ensure that the classroom is consistently clean and safe,
adhering to all state, local, and company’s regulatory rules and regulations.


The Teacher’s qualifications must meet or exceed state licensing requirements for the position.

Job Responsibilities

Educational Programs

▪ Plans and consistently implements the curriculum activities that promote the children’s social,
emotional, physical, and cognitive development.
▪ Helps children learn to think creatively, to solve problems independently, and to respect themselves
and others.
▪ Recognizes and considers the background, special needs, interests, learning style, and pace of each
▪ Keeps accurate, current records of each child’s developmental milestones and progress.
▪ Creates a developmentally appropriate environment consistent with the company’s philosophy and
goals including the implementation of the Kids R Kids proprietary early learning curriculum.
▪ Establishes developmentally appropriate room arrangement, evidence of Family Information Board,
curriculum related bulletin boards, and learning environment in the classroom as outlined in the Kids
R Kids curriculum.

Health & Safety

▪ Establishes and maintains a safe, healthy, nurturing learning environment. Strives to prevent injuries.
Handles emergencies, accidents, and injuries appropriately.
▪ Understands and implements all current state and local regulations.
▪ Understands and implements emergency procedures in case of emergency situations. Can administer
CPR/First Aid, including lifting and carrying injured children. Uses proper lifting procedures and seeks
assistance if necessary.
▪ Participates in emergency and evacuation drills to promote safety of children in their care.
▪ Maintains educational materials and equipment by keeping a well-organized and safe classroom.
▪ Immediately notifies Director of needed repairs in the classroom, in the building, and on the
playground to equipment and toys.
▪ Observes, records, and reports to the Director any significant individual or group behavior that might
affect the well-being of children enrolled at the Learning Academy.

Relationships with Families

▪ Maintains professional conduct when working with parents, staff, and visitors.
▪ Maintains strict confidentiality regarding children and families.
▪ Provides timely written/digital communication to parents.

Center Staff

▪ Promotes and maintains good rapport and working relationships with other staff members.


▪ Must be able to react quickly with sound judgment and problem-solving skills to complex and critical
situations, such as injuries and accidents.
▪ Must use excellent verbal and written communication skills with parents, children, and staff.
▪ Must be capable of lifting, carrying, and holding children in accordance with state/local requirements.
▪ Must be able to interact and communicate with children in the classroom and on the playground (run,
jump, demonstrate physical exercises).
▪ Provides excellent customer service to families helping to ensure continued enrollment at the
Learning Academy.
▪ Treats each child with kindness, dignity, and respect. Uses positive guidance techniques consistent
with company policies and procedures.
▪ Creates a positive, structured, and safe classroom environment.
▪ Regularly reports to work on time to provide students with consistent classroom procedures.
▪ Participates in all staff training sessions, meetings, and programs as requested by the Learning
▪ Meets or exceeds annual training requirements of local regulatory agencies and Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning


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