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An engaging and enriching seasonal experience for Junior and Senior Campers


We provide a robust camp experience offering a unique blend of various weekly themes. Contact us for specific details.

Journey back in time in Jurassic Quest. Campers will explore the prehistoric land of the dinosaurs. They will uncover fossils, discover and name their own dinosaur, and even make a paper mache Tyrannosaurus rex.

Sail the seven seas in Coastal Quest. Campers will build a boat out of recycled materials and learn to navigate using a homemade compass. They will visit the shores of Rio de Janeiro, Port Lincoln, Reine, and Bermuda. Campers will adopt an endangered species, make edible fish food, and learn to communicate like a dolphin.

Play like a professional in Big Game Quest. Campers will learn America’s favorite pastime, baseball. They will participate in the KRK World Series. Campers will also explore the French game of tennis. They will construct their own rackets and experiment with different types of balls. During the week, campers will also host the KRK Open.

Escape to the wild in Safari Quest. Campers will explore the African wilderness and discover the unique animals that make it their home. They will design an unforgettable, private safari and learn about the continent’s endangered species. Campers will build a model rescue center and develop a worldwide initiative to help save the native animals.

Distort reality in Illusion Quest. Campers will test their sleight of hand during this magical week. They will learn to make water disappear, levitate a playing card, and make gravity-resistant glass. Campers will go on a “tour” and host a spectacular show for their school.

Jump into Pop Culture Quest. Campers will learn the most popular dances from the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s. They will showcase their talents in short reels filmed and edited by each other. Campers will explore the world of popular art. They will create a piece of mixed media influenced by top pop icons.

Blast off to the moon in Lunar Quest. Campers will take flight at the speed of light to build the first ever civilization on the moon. They will experiment with erupting ice volcanoes and make magma sculptures. Campers will also explore the interstellar system and name a constellation.

Create like Leonardo in da Vinci Quest. Campers will explore science, engineering, and art during this hands-on, makerspace-inspired week. They will create self-portraits using real and found objects. Campers will make sculptures from soapstone and even construct a continuous solar-powered organ.

Travel abroad in International Quest. Campers will begin by exploring the seven continents of the world. They will construct iconic buildings, virtually visit well-known landmarks, and even spend some time sampling different cuisines.

Inspire fashion in Couture Quest. Campers will explore fashion in popular society and design their own look book for the upcoming fall season. Campers will create their own fashion brand and film or photograph a marketing campaign. They will make a one-of-a-kind necklace inspired by one of the first French high jewelry houses and their own shoe line to model in an exclusive fashion show.

Discover the world of filmmaking in Cinematic Quest. Campers will discover the components necessary to make a short film.  They will learn about set making, composition, and script writing. They will have a chance to write, film, and star in a commercial for Kids ‘R’ Kids based on the teachings of Kids ‘R’ Kind.

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Our Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies offer a safe program for an educational and thrilling summer camp experience. #KRKsummercamp

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