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summer camp

A well-supervised, engaging and enriching camp for Junior and Senior Campers

Focus On Fun!

Kids ‘R’ Kids is excited to kick-off Summer Camp 2020 with a Focus on Fun!

Both the Junior and Senior Camps have jam-packed weeks filled with endless fun. Each week of Summer Camp 2020 involves a new theme designed to empower and enlighten campers through amusing activities, fascinating in-house field trips, timely lessons in teamwork and so much more! By the end of summer, campers will have their eyes opened to limitless possibilities and their minds focused on creating their own special brand of greatness.

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Our Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies offer an exclusive camp program for an educational and thrilling summer camp experience. #FocusOnFun

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Camp Kick Off

Campers will be introduced to camp traditions their parents likely enjoyed while blending in a more modern take on “roughing it” with survivor games, building self-confidence along the way.

As we delve into what makes a hero SUPER, our campers will explore their own strengths, learn ways to bully-proof themselves, and be inspired to become a force for good by being a hero to others.

Escape Room

Inspired by the live-action game craze that challenges contestants to follow clues, solve puzzles and race to freedom for the ultimate quest, this week combines quick thinking, communication and teamwork to win the game!

Everything from writing and performing skits to stop-motion animation will be in the spotlight this week. Campers will discover new forms of expression and see how fun it is to be a part of a performance team where everyone’s uniqueness shines on center stage.


Campers will design a small business venture and create a path for launching a product or service. By the end of the week, they will gain the leadership skills to showcase their concept with confidence.

Road Trip

This week is all about expanding horizons to discover parts of America that are weird and wacky, but 100% real! Campers will pack their imaginary bags to explore attractions that are off the beaten path and create fun memories along the way.

Do It Yourself

Campers will be challenged to find resources from their everyday world, devise an original concept and create something COOL. From flying solo to working in teams, campers will combine components of science, engineering and art to design a ground-breaking invention or craft their own treasures.


This week campers will spend the week exploring nature from both a big picture panorama to a microscopic view. By employing components of science and applying their own ingenuity, campers will conduct exciting experiments and work together to protect the planet.

Art Studio

This week, campers will use the elements of art and tools of design to unleash their inner artist and capture the energy of new-found passions. Campers will explore a variety of art techniques and a little art history while learning that creativity is for everyone and a fun skill to practice.

Big Game

It’s a race against time to pack in as much fun as possible into this gold-medal celebration of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. We will participate in friendly competitions and learn what it means to be a valuable teammate. Campers will share unforgettable experiences where everybody wins the best prize of all – friends!

Spirit Week

Spirit Week brings Summer Camp 2020 full circle with a week-long celebration of memories, achievements and friendships. Each day involves a fun theme that presents everyone with countless ways to express themselves – whether it’s crazy socks or fabulous costumes.

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