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Fun Indoor Summer Activities when It’s Too Hot for Children

Fun Indoor Summer Activities when It’s Too Hot for Children at Kids 'R' Kids New Territory, preschool, daycare, childcare

When it’s too hot for your preschooler to play outside, you are going to need fun activities to keep them entertained while they cool off inside. From nerf gun wars to movie marathons, we’ve got you covered! Check them out – and make sure they don’t wreck the house when trying out these fun summertime activities!

Nerf gun war with your preschooler.

Nerf guns are a blast for all ages, so ramp up your typical hide-and-go-seek game with this element of fun. Select a target base and send everyone to hide with their Nerf guns in tow. Whoever can make it back to base without being hit with a Nerf bullet is the winner!

Build an indoor fort with your preschooler.

Pull out all the blankets and build an indoor fort with your little one. If you want to get fancy, you can build multiple rooms into the fort, and fill up the whole living room with your blanket castle. Tuck blankets into the couch cushions and drape them across a bar stool to complete your fortress. When it’s finished, grab a book and a flashlight and head into the fort for a fun time. 

Get cooking!

Have your little ones help you prepare dinner. They’ll love getting to set the table, mix ingredients, and dish up your masterpiece. Or, consider baking cookies and cupcakes to turn your day from sour to sweet! All you need is cookie dough, icing, cookie cutters and sprinkles to have a blast and bake those indoor blues away. 

Preschoolers love movies and books.

Movie day is a big hit with children, and it can keep them occupied for hours at a time. Sing! is a new movie that recently came out on Blu-ray and DVD that children love to watch over and over. The modern-day animated musical is a fun film for all ages. Swap screen time for reading time, and head outside for a few minutes to read a book in the shade to catch some fresh air. 

These ideas will add a lot of variety to your preschooler’s day and will give them a chance to learn and play. Cherish these sweet moments that you have this summer with your little one. School will be starting back up before you know it!

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