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What Can You Teach Your Preschool Child About Communication?

What Can You Teach Your Preschool Child About Communication? at Kids 'R' Kids New Territory, preschool, daycare, childcare

There are so many things you can teach your preschooler about communication, like appropriate forms of communication and how to communicate emotions. There are also many ways that they can improve their communication skills. Check out these tips.

All your preschooler’s behavior is communication.

It’s important to understand that all behavior is communication. There is verbal and nonverbal communication, and they are equally powerful. Babies use all nonverbal communication, and as they develop, they transition into verbal. Encourage verbal communication for the sake of language development, but remember that there are many ways that we express ourselves and your preschooler can utilize them all. 

Emotional communication helps your child.

Help your child learn to understand and communicate their emotions. Give them opportunities to tell you how they are feeling, and incorporate activities into your preschooler’s day that encourage emotion labeling, talking through feelings, and finding a root cause for the emotions they’re feeling. Emotional intelligence is credited with an increase in academic success and mental health, so teach these things as early as you can.

Playing games and reading books are ways your preschooler can improve their communication.

Talking through the day and asking your little one how they are feeling are great ways to improve their communication. You could also consider playing games and reading books that stimulate communicational improvement. Read aloud to your child, let them “read” picture books to you by telling their version of the story that is told in the pictures, and give them ample opportunities to become comfortable with speaking and listening to people of all ages and types. Talk to your child as if they had the communication level of an adult, and the practice will greatly improve their skills.

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