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Cool Celebrations: Embrace National Ice Cream Month with Your Preschooler

As summer approaches, what better way to beat the heat than by celebrating National Ice Cream Month with your preschooler? This delightful occasion, observed every July, provides an excellent opportunity to indulge in frozen treats while creating precious memories with your little one. Here are some creative ideas for celebrating this unique holiday.

Hunt Down the Ice Cream Truck

Surprise your preschooler with a visit from an ice cream truck! By checking in with your local neighborhood groups online, you may be able to figure out the schedule or frequent stops of an ice cream truck near you. You can also try following your local ice cream truck company on social media so you can see real time updates on their location. If you are able to track down the ice cream truck, the jingle and the variety of colorful frozen treats will ignite your little one’s excitement. Let them pick their favorite flavor and savor the joy of enjoying ice cream from a classic ice cream truck, just like in the movies.

Ice Cream Storytime

Nurture your preschooler’s love for reading by holding an ice cream storytime. Choose a variety of ice cream themed books suitable for their age, such as “Ice Cream Summer” by Peter Sis, “Curious George and the Ice Cream Surprise” by H.A. Rey, or “Ice Cream: The Full Scoop” by Gail Gibbons. Cuddle up with your child for a cozy reading session. 

Ice Cream Social

Extend the celebration by organizing an ice cream social with fellow preschoolers and their parents. Encourage everyone to bring their favorite flavors, toppings, and ice cream-related games. This gathering provides an opportunity for socializing, sharing, and making new friends, all while enjoying the refreshing sweetness of ice cream!

National Ice Cream Month provides an exciting opportunity to create lasting memories and celebrate the joys of summer with your preschooler. By engaging in these sweet activities, you’ll not only satisfy their sweet tooth but also foster their creativity, scientific curiosity, and physical coordination. 

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