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Making the Most of the Fall Season Change with Preschoolers

Making the Most of the Fall Season Change with Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Missouri City, preschool, daycare, childcare

Does it feel like summer flew by too quickly? We have entered fall, and your preschooler has not had much experience with this transition. With this in mind, below are four ways to make the most of this season change with your preschooler.

Have Simple Discussions

In the grand scheme of things, your preschooler has not experienced that many season changes throughout the years. Since the daylight will lessen, and the leaves will soon change colors and fall from trees, it is good to give your preschooler a heads-up about the upcoming changes. 

You could make a weekly chart to mark how the daylight hours will lessen. For example, you could check outside every (or every other) Monday evening at 7:00 and chart how the daylight is lessening. Or, you could visit the same park every week (or every other) that has many trees to check how the leaves are changing. 

Organize Together

You and your preschooler could usher in the new season by working together to organize your preschooler’s clothes drawers. It may be fun for your preschooler to make room for a new season of clothes.

Read Fall Books Together

The following books can help your preschooler adapt to the coming seasonal change.

  • “Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn” by Kenard Pak. This book is designed for the preschool age to help them walk through different seasonal changes.
  • “Pete the Cat Falling for Autumn” by Kimberly and James Dean. This book can help your preschooler see all that fall has to offer!

Make Fall Crafts Together

Whether fancy or not, you and your preschooler can craft together. You can use items from nature to make a collage or just use washable paint to paint a real pumpkin or a picture of one. 

Whatever you choose to do with your child to make the most of this seasonal change, just remember that your preschooler will thrive by being able to do the activity with you. 

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