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Helping Your Preschooler Grow up to be Lifelong Reader

Helping Your Preschooler Grow up to be Lifelong Reader at Kids 'R' Kids Missouri City, preschool, daycare, childcare

Books have many benefits. Since young children develop language at a rapid rate, reading helps build their vocabulary. Preschoolers love hearing the sound of your voice, turning the pages of books, and looking at illustrations. Cuddling up to read books together is a wonderful bonding experience. But how can you help your preschooler grow up to be a lifelong reader?

Reading Daily

Read often and regularly. If you have a regular time and place for reading together, children will look forward to it. This helps emphasize that reading is a special time you share together. Get siblings, grandparents, or other family members involved in reading, too. This will reinforce a positive link between family and reading. Reading is also a good way to help your preschooler manage their emotions and learn how to focus. Children learn valuable skills, discover ideas, and develop language through daily reading.

Reading Choice

Whether you are at the library or at home, give your preschooler a chance to choose which books he is interested in reading. This gives him a chance to practice making choices. Taking regular trips to the library will expose your child to a variety of literature. Many libraries also offer story times or programs to enhance early reading skills. This is a great way to build a positive connection between reading and the world around him. 

Reading Example

Your preschooler loves to imitate you. The best way to get your preschooler hooked on reading is to let them see you read. Reading is part of everyday life. Have a variety of reading materials— newspapers, magazines, books — as well as pens, pencils, and paper. Let your child draw pictures or make shopping “lists.” This grows the connection between reading and writing as well as emphasizes them as a necessary skill. Do not stop reading to your children when they get old enough to read to themselves! It continues the bonds created through shared experiences, allows you to foster conversations about life and learning, and shows the importance of making time to read.

Ultimately, research has shown that the best way to become a better reader is to read more! So, put down the screens and grab a book!

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