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Tips to Manage Your Child’s Holiday Excitement

Tips to Manage Your Child’s Holiday Excitement at Kids 'R' Kids Missouri City, Daycare, childcare, preschool, learning academy

The holidays are an exciting time! Family and friends are in town, everywhere is busy, and there are fun decorations and activities around every corner. Amidst all the festivity, our preschoolers can be a little overexcited, which can lead to extra stress. Check out our tips below for managing your child’s excitement during the holidays!

Stick to a Schedule

With a break from school and lots of special activities happening, our preschoolers can get a little out of hand! During the holiday season, try to stick to your normal schedule as much as possible. If your child naps at a certain time every day or goes to bed at a certain time, try to stick to that schedule. It is okay to deviate from that time a bit, but consistently missing scheduled times will have you and your child going a little haywire!

Take Breaks from the To-Do List

Running errands with children can be extra overwhelming during the holidays! Pictures with Santa, large holiday decorations, and toys and sweets everywhere can become quite the distraction for our kids, not to mention the increase in crowds, too. Take breaks from shopping and cleaning with trips to the park or library. This will keep your children happy and your errands less stressful.

Limit the Sweets

From holiday themed cookies to candy canes and hot chocolate, there are tons of sugar-loaded treats during the holidays. For our toddlers who already have plenty of energy without a sugar rush, limiting sweets will help with over the top craziness and crankiness when the sugar wears off.

Give Back

Take a break from the holiday craziness and find a way for your family to give back to others and your community! Whether you choose to volunteer to stock shelves at the food pantry, to make cookies for a local fire station, or pick up gifts for children in foster care, take the opportunity to slow down, ground your family, and remind one another the reason for the season.

We hope these tips will help you manage your child’s holiday excitement levels and make sure you have the most wonderful holiday season yet!

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