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Safety Tips for Babies

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Let’s face it: We are distracted. There are so many things clamoring for our attention. Time passes quicker than we realize. We sometimes don’t realize we have lost track of things. Important things. We forget our keys, our wallets, and even our phones. But those are only things. 

Sometimes, we forget our babies.

 We forget to realize that our baby’s safety is dependent on our attention to detail. When we allow ourselves to be distracted from important things, our baby’s safety may have been overlooked. Here are three tips to keep your baby’s safety in mind.

1)    Put your purse next to the car seat. 

We’ve all seen the news reports of babies who have been left in hot cars. It’s heartbreaking to even imagine and our stomachs tighten with fear that we could be that distracted. But when baby is asleep, and you normally go on this errand alone, it’s easy to fall into a habit. If your purse or essential item is next to the car seat, you will have to retrieve it and see the car seat before completing your errand.

2)    Daily baby proofing. 

Before our baby came home from the hospital, we proofed every inch of our house. But as the months roll by and our baby begins to crawl, we forget the quarters and pennies on the coffee table or the plastic grocery bags that are peeping out from the pantry. Add baby proofing to your everyday list. When you are tidying the house, take a few minutes to stand in each room baby can crawl in and check for dangerous items such as magnets, coins, and plastic bags.

3)    Give yourself support. 

It’s okay to not remember every safety tip. Instead, make yourself reminders. Kitchen cabinets are opened when we are emptying the dishwasher, so place a note on the inside of one reading “lock dishwasher”. A note in the bathroom for yourself and visitors reminding them to close the toilet lid. Even better, remind them to close the bathroom door when they exit. It might seem silly to make notes for yourself of something others might consider common sense. But who cares if it looks silly. Your peace of mind and your baby’s safety are indispensable.

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