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Summer Bucket List for Preschoolers

Summer Bucket List for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Medlock Bridge, preschool, daycare, childcare

Though preschoolers have probably never heard of an official bucket list, they would certainly want to be a part of fulfilling one nonetheless! The good news for parents is that there are plenty of bucket list options that are either free or well-priced. Here are a few examples for summer fun:

Enjoy active water play!

If you have the necessary space and equipment, kids can enjoy sprinklers or the water hose with different nozzles. If this is not a possibility where you live, you can fill up a bucket of water (add soap if desired), grab an old rag, and have your child ‘wash’ any outdoor toys.   

Utilize free summer reading programs!

Local libraries often have summer reading programs, which include free prizes for your child to earn. Also, Pizza Hut’s BOOK IT Program offers your preschooler the chance to participate in a reading program and earn free pizza at the end.  

Check out area trails!

You can find area trails so that you can enjoy being out in nature (and have a chance to be in the shade on a hot summer day!). You and your preschooler can even create a nature scavenger hunt.

Play a directional game!

Do you want a chance to practice left and right with your preschooler? Starting from your home’s nearest stop sign, have your preschooler call out left or right every time that you need to make a turn. See where the road takes you!

Visit new parks!

You can take advantage of summer break and visit many nearby public school playgrounds. See how many new school or public parks you can visit this summer. 

No matter what you choose for summer fun, your child will treasure the time spent with you. Whether it is water play, trailblazing, or snuggling on the couch reading a good book, your child will have a restful summer when making memories with you. 

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