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Helping Your Preschooler Get Over Their Fear of Swimming

Helping Your Preschooler Get Over Their Fear of Swimming at Kids 'R' Kids Medlock Bridge, preschool, daycare, child care

While swimming is a great summertime activity, many preschoolers have a fear of water. Teaching your little ones early how to swim is not only important for their safety, but also opens up the door to great opportunities for activity and fun. Here are some tips that are sure to get your preschooler in the pool in no time! 

Start With Steps

Sit your child down on the steps of the pool and just get them acclimated with the water. Bring a pool toy or just have fun splashing around.

Practice Blowing Bubbles

Many parents forget the simple step that helps little ones get over their fear of water: blowing bubbles in the water. This can be a tricky step for those more skittish or afraid of putting their faces in the water. So, just let them go at their own pace and lead by example. Make sure to always smile while showing them this step.


Once your child is ready, count down from three and let them get used to putting their heads underwater while blowing out like they have already practiced. 


Some children enjoy being taught how to float more than others. This process can be as gradual as needed—start by carrying your child around the pool before moving them onto their backs. Once they’re comfortable with this step, slowly help them tilt their heads back and evenly distribute their body weight while breathing. Gradually lessen your hold on them until they are familiarized with the feeling of floating by themselves.

Kicking and arm strokes

Show them the correct kicking and arm movements to move through the water until they can confidently do both at the same time. You can make a game out of this with other children to see who can kick the fastest!

Growing distances

Have your child doggy paddle from the wall to you and gradually move farther away from them until they can go from one side of the pool to the other. Before you know it, your little one will be ready to  jump in every day!

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