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Summer Camp

A well-supervised, engaging and enriching camp for Junior and Senior Campers

Kids 'R' Kids Kaleidoscope 360˚ 2019 Summer Camp

Our Learning Academy offers a thrilling summer camp experience for preschool and elementary aged children.

Last year's Summer Camp

VIDEO: Kids 'R' Kids promotes the 2018 Summer Camp that "rocks the world!"

2018 summer camp "rocked the world!"

Kids ‘R’ Kids launched this Summer Camp designed to teach kids that they are an important part of the global community. With a different “world” to explore each week using STEAM strategies and hands-on activities, kids explored all the things our world has to offer – with loads of laughter and heaps of fun! They built confidence and discovered that one person no matter how big or small – CAN make a difference. And when we work together, there’s NO LIMIT to the amazing things we can accomplish to ROCK THE WORLD!