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There is a limited amount of time between birth and approximately 6 years of age that specific parts of the brain can be developed and enhanced.  More specifically, exposing a child to a foreign language at such an early age can result in much easier and better fluency than if learned later in life.  Kids ‘R’ Kids provides programs designed to help enhance children’s learning experiences and to promote opportunities to explore and develop their abilities and skills. All programs are taught by experienced specialists using child-friendly methods. Games, puppets, songs, characters and crafts are some of the many activities your children will enjoy while being exposed to a higher level of learning and opportunity.

Programs include: American Sign Language, Music & Movement, Spanish, Japanese, and Yoga

Each program was selected for the unique benefits they provide in brain development and future learning abilities for young children. Knowing that children learn best through play, these programs are designed in the form of activities, games, and songs. Children will have “hands on” experience with trained professionals in the specific subject areas.


Special Programs