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Outer Space Activities for Preschoolers

Outer Space Activities for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Mableton, preschool, daycare, childcare

As a preschooler grows older, their world starts to expand. Often questions are asked about the sun, moon, and stars. You can help your preschooler learn about outer space through some of these fun activities.


Some cities have a planetarium, air and space museums, or a NASA museum. If any of those are available to you, pack up your preschooler and head out for an exciting field trip.


Stargazing is another activity your preschooler may enjoy. Pick one night where they can stay up late to view the stars. They could watch for shooting stars or see how many they are able to count.

Make Craters

If your preschooler has been able to see that the moon has dents (craters), it would be fun to make craters with them. Place a few inches of sand into a cake pan or storage bin. They could then drop marbles into the sand. When the marbles are carefully removed, craters should be left in their place.

Make Planets

By using crayon shavings and wax paper, planets can be made! Your preschooler can sharpen crayons creating shavings. Collect the shavings in a small plastic cup. You do not need many shavings. Once you have enough shavings, mix and match the colors into groups onto sheets of wax paper and fold the wax paper over, sandwiching the shavings inside. Next, only the adult should handle a hot iron and gently melt the shavings. Once the melted shavings have cooled, cut into circles of different sizes to represent different planets. These planets can be hung by strings or just admired individually on the refrigerator. 

Astronaut Training

Astronauts need to be in excellent physical condition. You could build your preschooler a training course that will help them be physically fit. Using things around your yard and house, you can have your preschooler crawling, lifting, jumping, and balancing.


Reading is always a great activity to learn about different things. There are many wonderful books that are written for preschoolers concerning outer space. A visit to your local library could provide hours of space exploration.

Outer space is a huge place full of amazing and wonderful sights. There are many different activities for you and your preschooler to use to explore outer space. Hopefully, you can send your preschooler over the moon!

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