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Back-to-School Preschool Routines

Back-to-School Preschool Routines at Kids 'R' Kids Mableton, preschool, daycare, childcare

Summer is a carefree time often full of pushed back bedtimes and late mornings. It is easy to abandon schedules and routines during the summer months. Routines and schedules need to be reestablished well in advance of returning to preschool.

Two to four weeks before returning to preschool, create and execute a new routine. Have a set time for getting up and going to bed each day. This will help the preschooler readjust to preschool hours, and by starting weeks in advance; it will give everyone a chance to make needed adjustments. 

Pajamas are effortless outfits, but it will be beneficial to practice going through what will need to be accomplished before leaving for school each day. That includes changing out of pajamas. A picture chart is a handy way to help the preschooler know what tasks need to be accomplished. They will need to wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, wash up, brush teeth, and have a backpack ready. 

After getting ready each morning, if possible, attempt to set a schedule that will be similar to the preschool schedule. This could include certain times where he is playing alone, being read to, able to do special projects (i.e. art), and even when snack time is. It is important to be consistent. This will help the preschooler be ready for a schedule that will not be flexible. 

Once preschool has resumed, establish a set routine for when he is home. Will there be a snack time or a nap? Will she need some quiet time? There should be a designated place where the backpack is placed and how to handle all the paperwork that might come home with the preschooler. It is important to also keep track of shoes and specific weather gear as well. 

Be sure to talk to your preschooler about the new routine. Change is easier to handle when one knows what to expect. Routines provide preschoolers with a feeling of security. Having a clear routine can help a preschooler grow in confidence and independence.

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