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Independence Day Books for Preschoolers

Independence Day Books for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Mableton, preschool, daycare, childcare

The Fourth of July brings lots of excitement and activity. As our nation celebrates its birthday, it can bring many fun adventures for a preschooler and an opportunity for parents to provide understanding on what all the excitement means. A fun way to do that is through reading books that explain what is about to happen. 

Hello, Fourth of July!  by Martha Day Zshock

This is a cute board book following a parent and eagle child as they navigate the Fourth of July. There is a parade, picnic and barbeque, as well as fireworks. It is an enjoyable book that encompasses most, if not all, Fourth of July celebrations. 

Hats Off for the Fourth of July  by Harriet Ziefert 

This book covers a Fourth of July parade. The first few pages are a predictive text by asking who will be next in the parade. Later, the book just mentions who will be next. The pages are very colorful and full of many different things to discuss. 

Red, White, and Boom  by Lee Wardlaw 

This book covers a Fourth of July parade, time at the beach, and fireworks. This book is full of colorful pictures that easily walk through the celebration of one town with short sentences designed for preschoolers. 

God Bless Our Country  by Mike Berenstain 

Bear Country is celebrating the Fourth of July with a parade. The Berenstain family needs to prepare for the parade and along the way learn some history about our nation’s birth. This book is longer and possibly suited more for older preschoolers. 

America: A Patriotic Primer  by Lynn Cheney 

This book uses the alphabet to walk through different aspects of our nation. L is for Liberty by Wendy Cheyette Lewison is another alphabet book. It covers the Statue of Liberty, her history, and what she stands for. 

There are a variety of books that cover the topic of the Fourth of July. Some are board books, and others are picture books. There are books for younger preschoolers as well as more advanced preschoolers. Some books specifically address the festivities the fourth brings; whereas, others address pieces of our American symbolism. All can be very useful in learning more about our nation’s birthday.

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