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Rainbow Fun for Preschoolers

Rainbow Fun for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Mableton, preschool, daycare, childcare

Many preschoolers (and beyond!) naturally take to the colors of the rainbow and its surrounding themes. Some may like the rainbow because of the variety of colors; others may be drawn to it because of the fun fantasy of unicorns. Other preschoolers may like rainbows simply for the sake of science!

Whatever the reason, if cereal companies can take advantage of the joy offered by rainbows, then there must be some fun activities that can be done using this theme! Here are two possible purposes for having rainbow fun with preschoolers:

To teach your preschooler the colors of the rainbow

You can go online and print a black and white rainbow template. Then, your preschooler can either finger paint or use a paintbrush to shade in the rainbow in the right color order. Of course, you can always hand-draw a template for your preschooler to paint.

Tip: Classic Crayola paint contains the necessary colors for the rainbow, and it truly is washable!

To help your preschooler experience fun activities, while using a natural love of the rainbow

For this purpose, your preschooler can do more freestyle play with the colors. You can use sidewalk chalk to have your child draw a large-sized rainbow outside. You could then help your child color in the rainbow. Freestyle comes into play, as it may be difficult to find chalk in the necessary colors! Just having a variety of colors will be sufficient!

You can also take advantage of this sidewalk chalk art to have your preschooler practice following directions, while also giving them a chance to exercise! You can have your child stand away from the rainbow, and then you can call out a couple colors for them to run and jump on. You can get creative on what your directions are!

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing about the natural wonders of the rainbow!

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