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Creative Lunch Ideas for Preschoolers

Creative Lunches at Kids 'R' Kids Mableton, preschool, daycare, learning academy

Summer is winding down and it’s time to get ready for school! Between after school activities, carpool, and sport practice, life can get pretty busy during the school year. You are probably focused on making sure that everything is in order – even planning lunches. Moms, don’t skimp out on your preschool’s lunches even though it may seem like the last thing on your mind. Make your child’s school lunches fun, creative, and nutritious this year!

 Healthy Lunchables

Packing pepperoni pizza and nacho lunchables are definitely convenient, but are not the most nutritious option for your little one. Instead of throwing in a sodium-filled lunch kit for your child, make a healthy and creative kit yourself! Go to your local store and buy a reusable box with dividers that make the packing process a breeze. Throw in unique and fun treats like veggie quesadillas, raspberries, yogurt pretzels for a sweet treat, etc! There are so many opportunities for variety when you choose to make these healthy lunch kits.

 Toddler Taco Salad 

If your kiddo is a fan of tex-mex then this is a perfect option for you! Create a fun toddler friendly taco salad. It’s easy and a yummy dish! To make the perfect taco salad, you’ll need brown rice, black or pinto beans, diced veggies, shredded cheese, and some mild salsa (or pico with no spice). Mix it all up and you have a creative meal for your kiddo in minutes!

 Homemade Pizza 

It’s almost a guarantee that your little one loves pizza! Instead of packing a super cheesy and greasy left-over slice of pizza from your family pizza night, make a homemade Italian masterpiece with your preschooler. Use tasty ingredients like spinach, cheese, olives, etc. This will be a fun dish to make and eat!

 The options are truly endless! Make packing lunches a fun and enjoyable time for both you and your child. 

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