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Teaching Preschoolers to Deal with Their Emotions

Teaching Preschoolers to Deal with Their Emotions

Feelings are complicated and sometimes hard for our preschoolers to understand, especially when they want something they can’t have. It’s important to start teaching our children to understand and deal with their emotions as early as possible since they affect every area of life. Not sure how to help your child understand or deal with their emotions? Try these ideas:

Talk It Out

After an outburst and time to calm down, talk with your child about what happened and how it made them feel. Discuss ways they could have handled their emotions and remind them to use their words when they are upset.

Give Them Words

Help your child talk about their feelings by teaching them simple feelings words such as happy, sad, mad, excited, or scared. Once they have mastered the simple emotions, introduce more complex feelings like frustrated, nervous, or disappointed. A great way to do this is to pause while reading a story or watching a show, ask your child how the character might be feeling, and help them describe why. This will also help teach your child empathy and awareness of others.

Model Healthy Choices

We know our children pick up on things we do so easily. By dealing with our emotions in a healthy way, our children notice. Verbalize what you may be feeling and why, so your preschooler understands you have feelings, too.

Emotion Guessing Game

A fun way to practice identifying emotions is by playing an emotion guessing game! For younger children, make a face and ask them to name the corresponding feeling. For older children, outline a situation, such as being left out at recess, and ask them to describe how they might feel.

Teaching our preschoolers about emotions will help them understand and have the skills to deal with their own feelings. This will boost their confidence and help them combat whatever comes their way!

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