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Setting Goals with Your Preschooler

goal setting

Goal setting is not just for adults. Did you know your preschooler can also benefit from an effective goal setting session? Now that the school year has started, it’s the perfect time to spend a few minutes of focused time putting together a few goals for your child. Here’s how to get started:

Understanding Milestones:

It’s important to understand the milestones for your child’s age. If they have already met most of them, look to the next age to set goals to help them meet those milestones. For those milestones, pick gross-motor activities or fine-motor activities to practice with your child. Celebrate their victories!

Get the teacher involved:

Work with your child’s teacher to help her understand your child’s goals. See if your child’s teacher has any goals you can help with at home. Explain the steps your family is taking to help your preschooler achieve her goals. The support from home andat school will encourage your child in the pursuit of her goals!

Involve your child:

Find out from your preschooler what they might like to learn to do. Do they want to help cook in the kitchen? Work on math concepts, stirring and mixing, and even cutting! After lots of practice, help them find a recipe to cook a meal for your family! Or maybe they want to learn a new sport. Spend time practicing at home so they can master their new sport!

Write them down:

It is a proven fact that writing down your goals helps you achieve them! Make a poster with your preschooler’s goals so she can see them and review them regularly. Mark goals off as she achieves them and celebrate her success!

You will love recognizing the progress your child makes working on their goals! Use the beginning of the school year to establish new goals for your child and review them again before the second semester.

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