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We are enrolling! Join us in nurturing young minds, fostering creativity, and creating a brighter future. We're excited to introduce your child to a world of possibilities! Contact us today for details.

Our Philosophy

“Hug First, Then Teach”

Our most cherished principle, “Hug First, Then Teach”, defines every aspect of who we are and for every child in our care to feel safe, loved, and inspired.

We foster strong connections between families, our school, and the community to prepare all children for a positive impact in every step of their lives.

How We Care Matters

We understand that families’ deepest concern is HOW their child is cared for.
At Kids ‘R’ Kids, we are passionate about HOW we do what we do every day!

HOW MATTERS because they will never forget how we make them feel safe, loved, and inspired.

HOW MATTERS because children are at the heart of our care. Every action we take shapes the child’s foundation and who they will become.

HOW MATTERS because we value doing rewarding work that is not only needed but impactful.

HOW MATTERS because our foundation cultivates acceptance and respect and values every child. We inspire kids to care for others beyond our schools – into their communities and far into the future.

FAMILIES: Encouraging seamless connections between home and school

We have a unique partnership with our families. We understand the importance of involving families in the developmental milestones and accomplishments of their children. New skills are reinforced through daily communication with parents, keeping a close connection between home and school.

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STAFF: The Children Come First

The key to our success is a family-oriented staff dedicated to providing a secure, nurturing environment. We especially love and value our incredible teachers, who invest in your child’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development! Our teachers:

  • Embrace our “Hug First, then Teach” principle
  • Understand that the learning process is enhanced when children trust their caregivers
  • Foster an environment of inclusion that celebrates diversity
  • Participate in ongoing and professional childcare development training