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Brain Development: Interview Questions for Las Colinas Childcare Providers

Enrolling your infant in a childcare facility can be an incredibly difficult process. Trying to find the ideal facility which caters to your needs as well as your child’s social, brain development and physical needs can be tricky. This blog will look at some of the questions you can ask prospective childcare providers during the interview.

What sort of programs does your facility employ?

Always ask about the type of programs that a childcare facility provides. These programs should be geared toward helping your child’s social, physical, and brain development. Inquire how activities are to take place and whether or not they have been designed for infants of different ages. It is important for these programs to work with your child’s age by building on existing skills and knowledge.

Teacher-to-child ratio

Try to determine the ratio of teachers to every child. The last thing that you want is for three or four teachers to be responsible for upward of forty infants. Babies require small group, loving interactions in order to properly develop, something that cannot happen if the teacher-to-child ratio is too heavily weighted toward the infants.

What procedure does the establishment follow if there is an emergency?

Safety procedure questions are the most important questions you can ask. Ask about what should happen if your child is injured, if there is a fire on the property or if there is a natural disaster. You will want to know that your child is in the best possible care in the case of an emergency.

The childcare team at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Las Colinas in Irving, Texas makes every effort to ensure that physical, emotional, social, and brain development remain top priority. Contact us today to find out more about our advanced programs and facility for infants.