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    Winter Travel Tips for Families with Preschoolers

    Winter Travel Tips for Families with Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Landstar, preschool, daycare, childcare

    Are you currently making plans for you and your family to enjoy a winter trip? Whether or not the prep work is fun for you and your preschooler, the trip will be a blast! 

    Below are a few quick travel tips for any families taking a winter trip.

    1. Shop at any local consignment or thrift stores before your trip. They may have ideal and gently used winter clothes. Buying used (yet still in good condition) snow pants, boots, or gloves will save you money on the front end of your trip. This is an especially good idea for those who live in warmer climates and will not use these clothing items on a regular basis.
    2. Bring extra cloth gloves and winter hats on the trip (at least for your preschooler). Because these items are so small, they are more difficult to keep track of. Aside from being easy to lose, they may also become wet during play, and you may not have access to a dryer in time. Having extras of the small things will proactively keep you and your child playing longer. 
    3. Pack plenty of water. Even when it is cold outside, it is unfortunately easy to be under-hydrated. 
    4. Bring along the unexpected essentials. Putting chapstick and lotion in an easy-to-remember spot in your bags will help to protect your skin in the cold dry air. Also, bring along sunglasses and sunscreen. Depending on where you are traveling, people can get sunburned in the winter months. 
    5. Be prepared to layer while traveling. You will not know if your child (or you) will be cold or hot while traveling. You and your child can dress in a way that no matter if it is warm or chilly in the vehicle, the way your bodies feel can be easily remedied. 

    Hopefully these tips can make your winter travel plans go a bit smoother. If you are not making a trip this winter, enjoy your time at home making memories with your preschooler along the way. 

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