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Getting Your Preschooler Ready to Welcome a New Sibling

Getting Your Preschooler Ready to Welcome a New Sibling at Kids 'R' Kids Landstar, preschool, daycare, childcare

There is a hefty transition for preschoolers to welcome a new sibling! Whether it is a new baby sibling or a step-sibling gained by a new marriage, it may not be a completely smooth transition. Here are some tips, though, to help your preschooler transition to this new sibling. 

  1. Take your preschooler on a special date. It could be to a favored fast-food restaurant or to get ice cream. Letting your child choose will make it more exciting. You can use this as an opportunity to explain the upcoming change and then answer any questions/concerns your child may have. 
  2. Utilize good books to help ease the transition. Big Dreams Art Supplies, by Davor Ratkovic, makes a “New Siblings Workbook” called Big Sister Coloring Book for Kids Ages 2-6 or Big Brother Coloring Book for Kids Ages 2-6. These books have fun activities to match the theme. If you need a book to help welcome a new step-sibling, Maria Ashworth has written Step One, Step Two, Step Three and Four. This book shows how a daughter must learn to adjust to her mother’s remarriage and the gaining of step siblings. This book is recommended for ages 4-9. 
  3. If a new baby is in store, mentions the importance of talking with your child about the new baby being a real person whose needs must be met. Excite your preschooler to be a big helper in this process!
  4. Praise your preschooler often when there is a willingness to help in the preparations for the new sibling’s arrival. Emphasize how important this help is and how you could not have done all of the preparations without this help!

It probably will not be a stress-free process for anyone involved, and this is okay! Working together and being as proactive as possible to alleviate any concerns will go a long way!

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