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Fun with Food for Preschoolers

Fun with Food for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Landstar, preschool, daycare, childcare

Food does not have to be boring all the time, right!? There are simple opportunities for your preschooler to have fun with food, while also making memories along the way. 

Expired food fun!

Do you have leftover, stale, or expired food in your refrigerator or cabinets? You do not have to throw them out right away! Leftover food or drinks can be poured in a large mixing bowl for your preschooler to mix in and pretend to cook with. Expired sour cream, mixed with stale crackers could be exciting for your child to mix together. Another example is to use any old marshmallows and have your child add them to a bowl of water. The consistency makes for a very unique food for your child to play with!

Soda and raisin fun!

You can use any clear soda and raisins for this simple activity. Pour the soda into a cup (clear if possible) and have your child add in raisins (just a few at a time). Bubbles from the soda should help raise up the raisins to the top of the soda. Once the bubbles pop, the raisins should drop back down to the bottom. It makes for simple and cheap science.   

Snack fun!

Your preschooler can help you make chocolate covered pretzels. Heat up any baking chocolate of your choice in the microwave. Once it is melted, your child can dip in pretzels of your choice. Your child does not even have to dirty their fingers as they can just dip a portion of the pretzel in the chocolate. After the pretzel is dipped, it can be placed on wax paper until the chocolate hardens. 

Food does not have to be totally traditional! With just a little bit of preparation (and a little bit of repurposing of old foods), much fun can be had!

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