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Rainbow Activities for Preschoolers

Rainbow Activities for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Landstar, preschool, daycare, childcare

Many preschoolers (and older!) naturally take to the colors of the rainbow. Some may like the rainbow because of the variety of colors; others may be drawn to it because of the exciting fantasy of unicorns. Other preschoolers may enjoy rainbows simply because these kiddos love all things science!

Here are some simple preschool rainbow activities that can be done with purpose—to either teach or create movement!

To teach your preschooler the colors and order of the rainbow

In advance of the activity, go online and print (or free-hand) a simple template of the rainbow. You can either have the rainbow colored in, in advance, or you can have your preschooler color the rainbow before this main activity.

Once your preschooler has the example of the right color order, have your child go around the house (or outside) and have them find multiple items of all of the rainbow colors. Then, your child can lay out all of the colored items on the floor to make their very own “object rainbow”.  

To help your preschooler exercise and experience a fun activity, while utilizing a natural love for the rainbow

Before this main activity, you or your preschooler will need to color/paint on white disposable cups for each color of the rainbow. Then, pour bubbles into each of the cups and have at least one bubble wand. You will then need to add water color/liquid drops (or food coloring) into each of the cups. (You do not have to use all of the rainbow colors. This will be hard to do!) Lay out white construction or copy paper near the cups. 

The “main event” is to have your child stand away from the cups and listen to your directions. You can tell them to run to a particular rainbow color cup to then blow bubbles on the white paper. Have your preschooler run back and forth many times, while following your directions, in order to make beautiful artwork on their papers that will become a true rainbow of colors!

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