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Favorite Music Lessons for Preschool Children

Favorite Music Lessons for Preschool Children at Kids 'R' Kids Landstar, preschool, daycare, childcare

Listening to music and learning to play instruments can improve your preschooler’s memory, boost their confidence, and even teach patience and discipline. More significantly, music makes people happy! It’s important that your child is exposed to music, both for educational and entertainment purposes. Here’s how you can teach your tot about the beauty of music.

Incorporate music into your preschooler’s life.

Incorporate music into your daily lives by playing upbeat songs for “clean up time,” playing freeze dance when your child’s full of energy, or jamming to a playlist of your tot’s favorite songs when you’re driving from Point A to Point B. Crank up the tunes and sing away!

Experience live music.

Nothing is as engaging and exciting as live music. Why not hold a jam session in your home? This is a great way to involve other members of the family, especially older siblings who will enjoy the opportunity to show off the results of their piano or violin lessons. 

Sing the classics.

Preschoolers enjoy singing along to songs that are easy for them to sing, especially those with upbeat, repetitive melodies and lyrics. Start with classic, simple songs, such as “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” “The Wheels on the Bus,” “Old MacDonald,” and “Rain, Rain, Go Away.” 

Create an “active” playlist.

Music is also a wonderful way to keep your child active. Songs like “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” will get your little one moving, but nothing is as fun as freeform dancing to fun upbeat music. Check out this playlist of energetic, kid-friendly songs. 

Explore different instruments.

You can even encourage your child to explore different instruments. Bongo drums, the piano, and the recorder are all instruments that are easy to play and fun to use.

From turning on the radio to dancing all evening, music will bring a smile to every family member’s face. Come together and enjoy the wonderful benefits music has to offer! 

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