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Earth Day: Teaching Your Preschool Child about the Environment

Caring for your community is a wonderful thing to do year-round, and Earth Day provides the perfect opportunity for parents to teach their preschool children about the importance of keeping the environment clean.Earth Day was created in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. Senator Nelson was extremely passionate about the environment, and believed society should recognize its importance. Thus, April 22 was declared Earth Day.

Each year, Americans come together on this day to clean up their communities and make positive, environmental-friendly changes in their own homes. If your preschooler is starting to wonder why you recycle certain items and throw away others, or why you turn off the lights when you leave a room, you can teach them all about Earth Day and set a positive example with three simple words: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

You can reduce the amount of garbage produced in your home in several ways. When purchasing groceries, try to buy bulk items that are packaged in recyclable materials. Aim to avoid disposable items such as paper cups, napkins, and plates.

Carry your own travel mug when buying coffee, reuse durable tote bags when purchasing groceries, and try to repair broken items before you throw away and replace them.

Aluminum cans, milk cartons, newspapers, oh my! If it can’t be reused, it can most likely be recycled. Get into the routine of separating trash that can be recycled from items that can’t, and before you know it, recycling will be second nature. With these waste-management tips, you and your children can actively take part in the ongoing attempt to keep our planet healthy and clean. By showing your preschool children how to reduce waste, reuse goods, and recycle certain items, you can instill in them a life-long passion for the planet.

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