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Traveling with Preschoolers this Holiday Season

Traveling with Preschoolers this Holiday Season at Kids 'R' Kids Landstar, preschool, daycare, learning academy, childcare

Traveling with preschools can be daunting. The cold weather, the stressed-out crowds, and the holiday anxieties are all uncontrollable hazards. But the inclusion of your little one in the traveling plans can be one less stressor when you follow these two tips.

The number one tip for traveling with preschoolers is to ration. 

It is no secret that children quickly tire of the familiar, whether toys or food. Avoid letting them tire of all their toys and snacks by only providing one at a time. The surprise factor in getting to play with a new toy will keep your child delighted and entertained for hours. The key to this strategy is to not let your child know which toys you have. If they know a certain toy is being kept from them, they may fixate and demand it. 

Schedule attention time. 

Children thrive on your attention. When traveling, their world is disrupted and chaotic. You are the only constant they have. But when your attention is focused on schedules and tasks, they begin to feel isolated and often respond in the typical tantrum. Before the meltdown comes, intentionally focus on your child. Setting a timer or an item in the schedule is helpful. For five minutes, look them in the eye, hold onto them, and talk to them. What do they see? Are they enjoying? What is the world like for them right now? Setting a timer for five minutes every half hour during an intense day of travel can make a world of difference in your child’s temperament. Children need structure. Every hour on the hour call out, “(child’s name) Time” and then focus on them until your timer goes off. Yes, they will ask several times if it is “Bobby Time” yet, but this repetitive questioning from your child reinforces that your full attention is essential for their state of calm.

By allotting the toys and snacks one at a time and scheduling attention time, you and your child might enjoy the holiday travel as much as the holiday. 

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