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Teaching Your Preschooler Patience

Teaching your Preschooler Patience at Kids 'R' Kids Landstar, preschool, daycare, learning academy, childcare

Patience is difficult for preschoolers and adults alike. We have conditioned ourselves to have everything instantly. But some things in life demand patience. Try using these to teach your child to wait.

Pets demand patience. 

Walking a dog and waiting on them to relieve themselves cannot be rushed. The dog will take his time whether you are in a hurry or not.  Many pets will not come to a pacing, jittery individual. It takes a calm, patient person to coax a kitten out of the box.

Cooking demands patience. 

Baking cookies together is a great patience teacher. Especially if you wait with your child for the cookies to bake. Pull up a chair near the stove so you can both watch the cookies. While you wait the eight to ten minutes, practice things to help pass the time: singing, listing everything colored green, giving new names to kitchen utensils. While you sit and wait for the cookies, remind your child that you are practicing patience. The more they hear the word connected with the activity, the more they will identify with patience later. When the timer is finished and the cookies are ready, what a great treat for being so patient!

Plants demand patience. 

A fun pot, rich dirt, and a tiny seed will create days of patience building. Each day watering the plant and watching the little seed become a tiny sprout of green, then taller green, then eventually a bud, and BAM—a flower. The process is slow but rewarding if you attach a prize to the flower blooming. “On the day we get the flower to bloom, we will have ice cream”.

When your child becomes bored with a situation, avoid being quick to allow them to change situations. For example, when playing a family game, do not rush through your turn because little ones are impatient. Remind them everyone must wait. Remember that teaching your child patience is also teaching you patience. As they become agitated, you must keep your calm. It is nearly impossible for an impatient parent to teach a child patience. 

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