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Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers

Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Landstar, preschool, daycare, childcare, learning academy

Fall is a season ripe with opportunity for crafts galore—with the fun colors and so many different options, your preschoolers could be busy with these adorable and easy crafts for hours.

Pumpkin Everything

Pumpkins are the staple item for fall, partially because they make for a great number of Halloween crafts! Whether you’re carving a silly face onto one, or finger painting your own pumpkins, there are countless ways to incorporate pumpkins into your fall crafts.

Black cats

Black foam and googly eyes and some pipe cleaners are all you need for this simple craft. Cut out the shape of a black kitty and add googly eyes and some pipe cleaner whiskers to decorate the house with some furry friends.

Marshmallow ghosts

Sometimes, the best crafts are the ones you can eat afterwards! There are tons of ways to make marshmallow ghosts. Make one big one with tons of tiny little marshmallows, or use icing to put silly faces on big fat marshmallows. Either way, your kiddos will love eating their ghostly creations.

Paper plate spiders

Have your child pick out any color of paper plate and glue eight pipe cleaners to it. Add googly eyes and some string to make some fun spider decorations to hang around the house!

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