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Natalie K.

“We love the KRK family! Our kids have been there for over a year now and we could not be happier. During all the craziness of 2020 they have navigated the challenges with grace and transparency. I never once doubted my kids safety. The staff is extremely hard-working and loves my kiddos fiercely. My daughter was more than prepared to head off to kindergarten and my youngest is thriving. I highly recommend them.”

Rachel H.

“We started my son here 4 months ago and couldn’t be happier. The amount of time and care they give to each student is amazing. My son is learning so much! Thank you KRK.”

T. Roseboro

“I love Kids R Kids because they really care, it makes me proud to say my kid goes there. I love Kids R Kids because they love me, I love Kids R Kids because they make me HAPPY! Sincerely, The happiest parent EVER!”

K. Bohanick

“I value their input and am very thankful for what they bring to both my children’s lives. All of the reasons described above as to why I love KRK of Lake Norman can be summarized in one sentence. It is obvious when you walk through the door that you are joining a family of people who respect you as a parent and are willing to take an active role in your child’s education.”

Mary S.

“The other evening, as the bedtime routine was underway; our 6 year old said, while climbing up his ladder to the top bunk – “Mom, Kids R Kids is like the best place ever, right? Every time we pick the girls up, I remember how much I love it there.” Out of the mouths of babes, as the idiom goes, captures how our family feels about KidsRKids of Lake Norman (KRK LKN). ”

Stephanie S.

“So glad I decided on Kids R Kids! They are awesome!! My girls had been home with me for the first 3 and 4 years. The transition was harder on me then the girls! They love everything about school and are excited to go back each day. The teacher are all wonderful!”

Melissa M.

We have been at KRK for 6 years now, they are like family to us. They take great care of our kids! My son is in school now and even went back last summer and had a blast. Highly recommended!