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Tips for Cooking with Preschoolers

Tips for Cooking with Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Kings River, preschool, daycare, childcare

Cooking and baking will not only allow your preschooler to explore a new hobby, but it will also give them a boost of confidence as they learn to master a brand new skill. Cooking with kids can be a blast, and there are ways to do it without having a major mess to clean up at the end. Check out our ideas below!

Make an apron.

If you have a creative kiddo on your hands, one cooking-related activity to try is decorating aprons or chef hats together. You can find basic, solid-colored aprons (for kids and adults) at most craft stores. Pick up some fabric paint and decorate away! Then you can wear your aprons whenever you cook or bake together in the future.

Taste the flavors.

Learn to identify different flavors together! Set up four small bowls, one filled with salt, one with honey, one with pepper, and the last with lemon juice. Take turns taste testing each ingredient and describe them as salty, sweet, sour, spicy, or bitter. Then incorporate these flavors into whatever you plan on cooking!

Create a fruit kabob.

Fruit kabobs are easy and fun for kids to make. Slice up a variety of fruits into small square pieces, such as bananas, strawberries, cantaloupe, or honeydew. Next, take some bamboo skewers and start creating your kabobs!

Give your preschooler a task in each step.

From deciding on a dinner plan to purchasing the groceries to preparing the meal in your own kitchen, involve your child in every step. They will love the opportunity to participate in the “grown up” things you do, and it’s a great opportunity for the two of you to bond while also teaching your little one how to cook.

Your preschooler may be hesitant to try certain foods, but involving them in the cooking process just might motivate them to give those mysterious veggies a try! Even trying new foods together will encourage your preschooler to branch out and give new flavors a chance. Get cooking! 

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