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Teaching Preschoolers the Meaning Behind Valentine’s Day

Teaching Preschoolers the Meaning Behind Valentine’s Day at Kids 'R' Kids Kings River, preschool, daycare, childcare, learning academy

February 14th has become all about candy, stuffed animals, balloons, and hearts. For preschool minds, it can be confusing how these things have anything to do with love. By teaching them the story of St. Valentine, we can show them that the true meaning behind Valentine’s Day is to show love to others through acts of kindness.

 A long time ago, St. Valentine was sentenced to prison for helping people get married. Although his circumstances weren’t great, he was still kind. So kind, in fact, that he healed the jailer’s daughter of blindness. Valentine’s Day is a great time for us to teach our kids to be kind to their friends and family, but also to people they may not know as well. Here are some ways to help your preschooler show kindness to others this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Designate a jar in your house to be filled with kind notes towards other family members. Your family can spend the beginning of February filling up the jar. On Valentine’s Day, separate out the notes by person and let everyone read the kind things that were written about them!
  2. Help your child make cards for people they appreciate. These cards could be for friends, cousins, or even their teachers!
  3. Encourage your child to find a way to do something special for someone else. Ideas could include holding the door for a stranger, decorating cookies for your neighbor, or bringing a small token of appreciation to your mailman.

 Valentine’s Day can be portrayed in so many different ways. By sharing the story of St. Valentine with our preschoolers, we can turn Valentine’s Day into a meaningful holiday about being kind to others!

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