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Spring Break Family Staycation Ideas

Spring Break Family Staycation Ideas

Phew! That ridiculously chilly winter is finally coming to a close. You’re ready to go to your local Target and stock up on those adorable preschooler floaties and swimwear. After being stuck inside for most of the winter months, you and your family are ready to take a vacation of some type. But let’s get real. Vacations with littles ones can be stressful and expensive. Have a staycation instead!

Hotel Escape

Traveling costs a pretty penny with a family. Instead of traveling to a faraway destination, check in to a local hotel to get away for a little bit. Your kiddos will love the new environment, indoor pool, and the other fun amenities! Some hotels even offer special activities for children. Do some research and look for a kid-friendly hotel, so that you can provide your family with a super enjoyable experience! It will almost be like you’re in a completely different city!

Museum Mania

Museums are both a fun and educational outing for your preschoolers! Some museums in your area are even free. Your family can “transport” to another time and explore the beautiful, unique art from years past. There are also specific kid museums that have plenty of interactive opportunities for your young ones. Your preschooler will have the opportunity to explore and learn at the same time. It’s a win-win! Mom and dad will also have a great time watching their child light up with so much joy while learning!

Acts of Kindness

A staycation doesn’t have to be all about relaxing somewhere – it can also be about helping those around town! Take advantage of this time off to teach your children the importance of helping those in need. Think about your neighborhood and see if anyone needs a little extra TLC. You and your preschooler could help wash someone’s car, bake cookies for the block, or even water a neighbor’s flowers!

A vacation doesn’t have to be out of your city to be fun! Enjoy your sweet adventures with your little ones and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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