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ABCmouse for Preschoolers

You’ve researched the school, picked the coziest nap mat, and you send your child to preschool every day with a healthy lunch! You’ve done all the right things! What if your child needs a little extra work outside of the classroom? What if they love to learn and you need something to keep them busy at home? We are thrilled to use ABCMouse in our daily curriculum, but did you know you can use it at home too?

What is ABCmouse?

If you’re not familiar with it (How have you missed those commercials?), ABCmouse is an online resource for children, ages 3-8, to learn and practice skills from reading to math! Your preschooler can gain additional skills by working through their progressive lessons, which build on each other as your child completes activities and games. They are guided by the friendly, little ABC Mouse through their lessons.

Whether from a computer or tablet, preschoolers can access ABCmouse from home or on the go. Reading activities begin with learning letters and their phonetic sounds. These lessons help prepare your child for reading. In addition, the site’s curriculum includes classic stories that encourage reading site words and advancing to reading more challenging stories.

The Curriculum

For math, the ABCmouse curriculum includes recognizing and counting numbers, practicing basic addition and subtraction, understanding quantities (more than and less than), and identifying and drawing basic shapes and patterns. You will be impressed by the activities your preschooler can practice to learn these basic concepts.

Each level also includes a section called the “World Around Us” where preschoolers learn beginning science and social studies. They’ll study the weather, seasons, and planets, as well as discover the market and getting dressed.

ABCmouse functions within a controlled system. You preschooler won’t be able to press advertisements or purchase additional apps while playing games. Not only that, more than one child can have a profile on your account.

Your child will continue learning outside of the classroom and won’t even know they are doing actual schoolwork because each lesson and activity is so much fun!