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Outer Space Activities for Preschoolers

Outer Space Activities for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Keller, preschool, daycare, childcare

Many children are fascinated by outer space.  Space themed activities can be a fun way to learn about the mysteries above in the sky and incorporate some literacy, numeracy, and fine motor skills.  Below are a few ideas to try out with your outer space curious preschooler!

Space Dough

Use your favorite play dough recipe to make a homemade play dough, but make it space dough by adding black or very dark blue food coloring.  Provide some glow in the dark stars or other space themed items for your preschooler to press into the dough and pull back out.  If you’re adventurous, add some gold or silver glitter to the play dough to mimic stars.  Star shaped cookie cutters are another fun tool your preschooler will enjoy using with their space dough to cut out stars! 

Star Paintings

Provide your preschooler with black paper, white or yellow paint, and star shaped cookie cutters to create a starry night painting.  This is a simple, low prep activity that is sure to keep your preschooler busy for a little while.  You can also cut out circles to represent the different planets for your preschooler to glue onto the paper and use q-tips and white paint to add stars to their space scene.

Name Rockets

Cut out several small squares of different colors of construction paper, a triangle for the tip of the rocket, and long yellow and red strips for the fire coming from the rocket.  Write one letter of your child’s name on each square.  Guide your preschooler in arranging and gluing the pieces together to create their name.  Add the triangle at the top of the name rocket and strips of paper at the bottom to represent the flames as it takes off.  Your preschooler can add fingerprint or q-tip stars with white paint to finish off her artwork.  

These activities are sure to pique your preschooler’s interest in outer space and open up new learning experiences.  In addition to these activities, plan a visit to your local library and check out some picture books about outer space with your preschooler. 

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