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Keep Your Preschooler Learning at Home this Summer

Keep Your Preschooler Learning at Home this Summer at Kids 'R' Kids Keller, preschool, daycare, childcare

Summertime means fun in the sun! Preschoolers need time to run and play, explore and imagine inside and outside. While you are reading and playing games inside or exploring and running around outside, you can keep your preschooler learning at home this summer with the following ideas.

Make time for reading activities.

Start with a Book is an amazing resource. You can choose from one of 24 themes – art, music, dinosaurs, bugs, sports, planets, inventors, etc. Then it provides a list of fiction and non-fiction books by age. It also curates hands-on activities, writing ideas, kid-friendly websites, and learning apps that complement the theme or book you have chosen. This really is a one-stop spot for all the books and activities you will need for an entire summer of learning. The best part is that you can choose things that interest your child the most.

Create active learning experiences. 

Check with your local parks and recreation department or library about camps and other activities. You can often find free, indoor exhibits or events that target a variety of preschool learning goals in your city throughout the summer. In addition, your child can work on developing social skills at these events. Create a family calendar, so you do not miss any activities! 

Develop active bodies and brains. 

Movement enhances learning. When the weather gets hot, it is tempting to stay inside in front of a screen. Instead, turn up the music! Preschoolers learn new things like sounds, words, and patterns through music. Add some dance, and they can explore their body movements, too. Earlier in the morning or later in the evening when the weather is milder, go geocaching, where families search for hidden “caches” or containers using a GPS app on your smartphone. Everyone loves a scavenger hunt!

Learn the history of your vacation. 

Are you planning a summer vacation? Research with your preschooler the history, geography, or interesting facts of the location. Even if you do not plan to go anywhere, you can still do this activity with a museum, a nature reserve, or an interesting landmark near your home. Even your vacation or a family outing can turn into a learning experience!

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