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How to Tame Toddler Tantrums

How to Tame Toddler Tantrums at Kids 'R' Kids Keller, preschool, daycare, childcare

Temper tantrums can be frustrating and embarrassing for parents. The ages of 1 to 3 are peak tantrum years, but tantrums can happen well into childhood. As challenging as tantrums can be, they are a normal part of development as toddlers and preschoolers cannot always clearly communicate what they want, feel, or need. Here are a few ideas for dealing with a tantrum.

Be Calm

It is really easy for parents to respond to tantrums with frustration and anger. However, you should be trying to teach your preschooler how to stay calm and act appropriately when they are upset, so parents have to lead by example and remain calm, too! Help your child take deep breaths and find ways to clearly communicate what they want instead of yelling.

Be Responsive

Tantrums happen for a variety of reasons, and they often require different types of responses. If your child is acting out because they are hungry or tired, some food, a nap, and a little comfort can help get them back on track. Some outbursts occur because your toddler wants something she cannot have, or she does not want to do something she has been asked to do. Often it is best to ignore the tantrum and try to redirect her attention to a different activity. Some toddlers may not be able to grasp the concept, but for older children, a time out or being sent to their room may be appropriate.

Be Consistent

Whatever you do, do not give in! It can be easier said than done, but when parents give in to a tantrum, it only shows the child that his fit worked. Preschoolers and older kids often use tantrums to get their way, and parents do not want to end up rewarding bad behavior. If you have asked your preschooler to do something, make sure you follow through and have them do it when they are calmer.

Hopefully, as your toddler matures, they will learn how to better deal with big emotions. As they learn to communicate and cope with frustration, they will have less irritation and more self-control which will mean fewer tantrums.

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