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Activities to Banish Boredom for Preschoolers

Activities to Banish Boredom for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Keller, preschool, daycare, childcare

It is no surprise to hear preschoolers say that they are BORED! Plus, it makes no difference if they are independent by nature or not! All preschoolers are experts at saying it. What should a parent do?

You should not have to add too many additional gray hairs, right!? Thankfully, there are activities that can create the best of both worlds: spending time with your preschooler and allowing time for your child to practice becoming more independent. 

  1. Work together to create a sensory bin. Any container (with a lid) can be used. You and your child can choose any filler. Examples can include, but are not limited to: dried rice or beans, marshmallows, kinetic sand, marbles, or uncooked pasta noodles, etc. Then, choose items from around the house to use in the bin (ladle, plastic cup, bowl, etc). 
  2. Give your preschooler the opportunity to play with this sensory bin independently. Then, you could get a quick breather or an opportunity to fold those days-old clean clothes! 
  3. Take advantage of upcoming garage sales (or nearby thrift stores). You and your child can turn this activity into an adventure to see what kinds of inexpensive activities you find. Maybe you will spot some crafty things that your preschooler can then turn into a collage back at home. 
  4. Once back home, have your child use whatever goodies you found at the garage sales or store. You can provide initial guidance, but it is also neat to see what your preschooler can create on their own.
  5. For future gift-giving holidays, you can buy items that will provide more detailed-independent play than just a traditional toy. Examples may include: reusable sticker sheets, washable paint sticks (you can do a search on Amazon for many brands), magnets or magnet books, etc.

It is great to spend quality time with your preschooler when you can. It is also perfectly okay to allow them to play independently to get the imagination active (and you can go reheat that cup of coffee). 

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