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Cold Weather Crafts for Preschoolers

Cold Weather Crafts for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Keller, preschool, daycare, childcare

Besides the holidays, the most magical part of winter for a preschooler is snow! Whether you live way up north where the snow is plenty, in the deep south where snow is a once-in-a-lifetime-occurrence, or somewhere in between, these winter crafts are sure to capture the magic of winter for your preschooler! 

The Fluffy Stuff

Yes, we are talking about snow! Bring the magic of snow indoors for your preschooler by doing some snow crafts! Cotton balls make the perfect imitation snowball for crafts. Gather some construction paper, glue, glitter and cotton balls and let the magic begin! Your preschooler will not need much guidance on this craft. Simply dab on some glue and top it off with white glitter and cotton balls. Add a little backdrop by dotting the page with white paint on a q-tip. Or, paint some snowy hills with white paint and build a cotton ball snowman on them. While you are waiting for your snow scenes to dry, wad up some white paper into balls and have an indoor snowball fight! Three…two…one…go! 

Use Your Hands…and Feet


Painting is a favorite activity for many preschoolers. Usually we wouldn’t encourage them to get paint on their hands, but in this case, it is quite all right! We are making handprint polar bears. You will need to cover the inside of your child’s hand with washable white paint—from the palm to the tip of each finger. Carefully have your child place her hand down on a piece of paper with her fingers spread just a bit. After the paint dries, turn the page upside down so the palm is on top and the fingers point down. The thumb will be the head and the fingers will make the legs of the polar bear. Now, simply use a marker to draw a cute face and a few claws on the bear’s paws. 


Now, it is time to use your feet! These cute footprint snowmen are a lot of fun for a preschooler to make! Have your child sit as still as possible as you tickle, I mean paint, the bottom of her foot with white washable paint. Carefully help her to press her foot down on a piece of blue paper. Now, turn it around to make the toes point to the bottom and the heel on top. When it is dry, use markers or paints to complete your snowman with a face, arms, buttons, a scarf, hat, etc. Your preschooler can dress him up however she likes! If you want to make it extra interesting, use real buttons, yarn, string, scraps of fabric, twigs, and so on, to embellish your new friend.

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